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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Jessica Jaegger takes inspiration form Brazil’s rich design and architectural scene, combining it with a fresh take on modern interiors. For her, vintage and contemporary influences can coalesce in environments that feel familiar yet are new. She is the founder of J JAEGGER INTERIOR DESIGN, an established boutique Miami based firm specializing in high end residential projects.

What is a typical day in the life of Jessica Jaegger?
I usually start my day either going for an outdoor run or with a Peloton class.  After breakfast and feeling full of energy I go over the agenda for the day. My work days are very dynamic, so my calendar is my best friend and it’s based on it that I coordinate the things I need to do, from meetings with clients to visiting job sites or simply brainstorming for new projects.

What is, to you, a state of wellness while balancing life and work in this current time?
Just being able to dedicate quality time of my day to work out and take care of my personal life already makes all the difference. I am extremely organized, a planner at heart, so balancing both areas of my life is always a priority. During the quarantine I never stopped working but I found myself with more time in my hands for self-care.

How do you set your mindset right in these more challenging times?
I definitely consider working out to be my mean of releasing stress and getting my thoughts and ideas together. It helps me both mentally and physically.

Who has shaped your outlook on life the most, how do you adapt it to your life?
My parents have helped me shape my goals and aspirations in life more than anybody. They have always been great examples of hard work and resilience and always taught me to be patient, but focused and hopeful.

How has it been for you individually in forging ways and establishing your grounds as a woman in this design world?
It actually happened very naturally. I’ve always been passionate about design and started working at a young age. By the time I decided to open my own firm I felt very confident and was able to deal with the difficult situations we always encounter.  Being a woman in the design field and having to deal with the construction side of it, can be challenging sometimes. But when you trust your experience and vision and know how to relate with people well, it makes it all more fluid and easier.

Describe yourself as a teenager in 3 words.
Energetic, fun, disciplined

What’s the best piece advice you’ve received?
If you want to grow in the design business, learn to delegate work. Be in control, but don’t try to embrace everything yourself or micromanage other people’s work. Give them responsibilities and trust them.

What’s in your handbag right now?
A measuring tape (always with me), a notepad (yes, I’m old school), a small make-up bag (gotta be ready at any time), business cards, phone and wallet.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Dark chocolate

How would you describe your perfect weekend in Miami.
My perfect weekend starts with a healthy breakfast at Pura Vida in the Miami Design District, followed by a day at Soho House -between the beach and the rooftop bar for some spicy margaritas. A delicious dinner with my husband and friends at KYU in Wynwood.