“The beauty in interior design calls for a well-thought-out process—elements must be carefully chosen to reflect the desires of those who will live in the space.”

When it comes to residential interiors, designer Jessica Jaegger strives to infuse each room with art and meaningful treasures. “I always wanted to work in an environment where I could combine functionality and aesthetics,” she says. That dream became a reality in 2011, when Jaegger founded her namesake firm, Jaegger Interior Design, drawing on earlier experiences working for an art collector and influences from her native city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “The Brazilian modernism movement is part of who I am and what I experienced in terms of design while living in my hometown,” Jaegger continues. With an eye for natural materials and timeless decor, Jaegger mixes modern furnishings with antique accents. And the beauty in that balance certainly seems to resonate. Jaegger’s first project—remodeling a condo in Williams Island, Florida, for a furniture collector— quickly elevated her reputation, leading to collaborations with major brands and galleries. “I was lucky enough to have, as first clients, people who traveled the world and experienced art and design,” she adds. “They gave me the freedom to apply my design knowledge in their project and that gave me good exposure.” Now, Jaegger continues to put clients first, noting that: “Distilling precisely what they are looking for is what moves me.”

Up to this point, what do you feel has been your greatest success? Exercising sustainable ideas in one of my recent projects, which not only turned out aesthetically amazing, but also combined new principles of eco-conscious design.

What project would you love to take on? I’ve been dreaming of designing a farmhouse in the Hamptons, and a small boutique hotel in the Caribbean.

What is your next move? I am thinking of starting an online interior accessories boutique with carefully curated handmade ceramics, dishes, and decor designed by creatives from all over the world.