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Initially meant to be a vacation home that would eventually become a permanent home, Jaegger Interior Design created this Brickell residence that is elegant, functional, and comfortable for the clients and their young children. The apartment is designed with a formal dining room positioned at the point of entry. A function of the home that is usually meant to be more private, the design had to be able to transform this space into something that was functional but still beautiful enough to merit its position at the entrance. A unique lighting fixture establishes the design of the dining area, and matched with the dining table, adds an organic feel to the space. Wall paneling in walnut that alternates solid elements and strip elements helps frame this space and serves as means of enclosing it for more privacy. The walnut panel also allows for natural light to cut in. Wood panels cover the hallway going into the main living space, not only adding movement and rhythm, but also becoming a transitory element that transports from the foyer into the main living space. Custom-designed walnut cabinetry is the focal point of the gray hued living room with impressive city views. Touches of wicker from different time periods add in a natural material that is not only tactile, but possesses a certain charm and personality from its intricate woven texture.