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Designed for clients in the heart of Coconut Grove, Jaegger Interior Design fully remodeled this home for a family with twins. The approximately 5,000 sf residence brings natural references and Jessica’s signature Brazilian aesthetic. A myriad of green hues makes for a striking contrast against wood and gold accents. The foyer is a first taste at what lies ahead. A mirror in between the wooden wall piece and green console is a strategic, yet minimal way to reflect other elements of the home onto this space. Statement lighting throughout from The Lighting Studio ties in visual interest. Bold artwork adds dimension while the staircase meant to be the focal point is impressive with the mix of glass, wood, and modern sconces as you advance up to the second floor.

The living room is located in-between the media room and the kitchen. To achieve a cohesive look, the selection of finishes and furnishings from Anima Domus, Kom Furniture and Artefacto revolve around a consistent color palette, where warm tones, gray, and pops of green vary in every space. Porcelain flooring from Valencia tiles adds a lightness to the design. Finding inspiration from the outdoors, Jessica opted for rich greens in the dining room to elevate the organic elements in the furniture. A gold accented lighting fixture adds a bold touch and creates a unified narrative.

A peek of palm fronds can be seen from kitchen windows, which Jaegger brings into the space with art. The breakfast nook has a modern tropical aesthetic. Bedrooms on the second floor reflect the interiors with gem tones, warm wood selections and neutral-colored textures.