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One of the main qualities of this Miami Beach apartment is the all encompassing views of the ocean. It features a symmetrical floor plan with a large central terrace that extends throughout the entire main living, dining and kitchen areas. This terrace projects towards the ocean and the entire space can be seen from the point of entry, making this breathtaking view, the focal point of the apartment.

To place emphasis on the view, the interior is designed with an entirely clean and neutral palette of whites, creams, putty and sand tones that play on textures; all elements of design selected were intentionally low and more horizontal in geometry to ensure that the views were left unencumbered. To bring the outside in, accents of blue were used throughout in the form of accessories and decorative art pieces. The clean and seamless aesthetic of the interior was further accentuated by architectural details such as timeless LED lighting in the ceilings and recessed baseboards throughout. These baseboards make the walls look as if floating, further enhancing the already ethereal quality that the never-ending ocean views provide.This floating effect is also achieved in the entry hallway, where three recessed LED lights are seemingly slashed into the wall, creating texture and movement. In the bedrooms and kitchen, where the views to the ocean are somewhat limited, mirrors were installed beside the windows increasing the perceived size of the windows, the view, and the amount of light entering these rooms.